Hello beautiful soul,

I hope life has been treating you well since I’ve last chatted with you. Its been too long, hasn’t it. Life has changed way too much too fast. Change is a funny thing. If you ask someone on their birthday, how do you feel a year older? or even when you randomly think about how life has changed within the last year, nothing really has changed, but when you think about life 2-4 years ago so much has changed whether for the best or the worst. I really hope life hasn’t changed too too much, and if it has I genuinely hope its been for the best.

I’ll be back soon!

Sincerely yours, Jolee G.



Support Your Local Businesses.

As great, and comfortable it is to go to a chained restaurant, store, etc. It feels just as good going places locally. Support your community and local businesses.

Trust me I love going to Chipotle too, I love going places knowing exactly what I want. And getting in and out with not too much hassle but sometimes when you have time you just want to go somewhere not super busy or rushed, just relax, meet or not meet people. Everything just casual

Yesterday my friend and I went to a used bookstore for my first time and last time. Sadly they are going out of business and had to sell everything. Still after we left, there were still a good amount of books and shelves left. Plus Yesterday was supposed to be their last day of business. I purchased 4 books for $5.32 all still in good condition. What a steal huh? I’m not 100% certain of this but the woman who rang us up said they had to go because the person who owned the building wanted to sell it. But they also didnt say anything about relocating.

I feel a little bad when businesses have to shut down. They didn’t earn enough profit, and they just don’t anymore options left. Those are real people with a real business, and real business goals (probably wanting to own multiple stores in the future).

I understand its very tricky trying to find good places, its risky you don’t wanna go far, don’t want to get sick. I can’t tell you every single place has the same things, and if it will be even worth it. But you could at least try. If you do find a great place depending you might be able to

  1. Save money
  2. Meet people easier
  3. Be in a less fast paced environment
  4. Get somewhat healthier

It reminds me of when you’re on vacation, you obviously don’t want to go to the same place and get something you could easily get everyday at home (I don’t). So why settle for the same things almost every day? I’m not saying to go to your local place daily either. Everything in moderation.

I’m just trying to say your local businesses are completely different than a chained business. It might be worth it, It might not. But whats the harm in trying. Also please use common sense. Maybe look online, Yelp reviews, See if they have people in the parking lot.

Go to your downtown or wherever is a good place where you reside where there is not that many chains, Go live, Be adventurous, Try something new. Why not? What is your excuse not to?

Sincerely, Jolee G.


Up Inspired Light House

A couple of days before I started this IMG_20141123_042735860project. I was on Pintrest, doing as one does. I had an extra set of string lights, and I wanted use them. Scrolling on Pintrest I saw a picture, it was around 15 of little crafted houses, with lights inside. It inspired me to make this. I also had a couple of boxes and balloons (Considering I’ve made about 5 things with cardboard. I guess its my medium.)

If you see this you’d probably think I was absolutely obsessed with this movie. Though I did really love the movie with everyone else whose watched it. I laughed, cried (a lot). I also read about the real story of Edith Macefield who the movie was inspired by. But I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed. I think my thought process to make it into this specific house was the story/movie/house was beautiful and iconic, and I really love Disney and Pixar so why not?

This was the first time I made something this big and precise, so its not that wpid-img_20150324_022545860.jpggreat, it was supposed to be a prototype and something to create quickly. I made it within a day and a half so its not amazing. So I do want to make another one, A better, more accurate one. I put the chimney in the wrong place, forgot the hose, and didn’t complete the ‘wood’ on the porch and windows. But every night I look at this and I still love it, its not perfect but its perfect for me. As you can see I used real balloons, obviously with not helium or that would be a catastrophe but I wanted it to be like it was flying, so i used ribbon to suspend it, next time I wont use such a visible color 🙂


I would love to sell this but I can’t because copyright (I love copyright because the protection is amazing but copyright is a weird thing for bloggers and artists. That’s why I don’t really use pictures here unless its my own.) but maybe I could sell this with the same concept instead, readers and friends houses?

Sincerely, Jolee G.