What is Depression, How.

I wrote the last post (poem) when I was feeling very down. I don’t want to self diagnose myself as depressed. I just was not feeling myself (but i have been feeling a lot better lately). Along time ago, I actually thought Depression was a feeling like sadness, and I have never regretted anything more. Seeing people in front of me suffer with depression, and myself feeling not so good. Depression is absolutely nothing to joke about. People don’t die from depression. Depression makes you feels so low, and disgusting, like you have no other choice and nothing at all can save you.

I don’t wish anything like that to anyone, not even my worst enemy. This is just to say how much I care for anyone who stumbles here,and to help anyone who has feeling down, so email me if you need to, if you don’t want to deal with someone on the phone or in person, I have mild social anxiety but not enough to stop myself for helping anyone who needs it. Please contact me if you need to. I know it feels like you are alone, and no one can help you, but the first step is to first help yourself. One important symptom of depression is your appetite and weight changes, I realized I was not eating the way I used to, I felt like I was full all the time. Most of the time my stomach felt empty and was growling at me, but I wasn’t hungry so I had to force myself to eat though it was nauseating. You don’t want to wake up starving, it sucks trust me.

You may not believe in God or anything and that’s okay, but you have so much in store for you, you will be successful. You will find someone who loves you. You will create a beautiful, amazing family of your own. But even people with families deal with mental illnesses, you are not alone. Drugs and Death may seem like a good idea right now. Drugs doesn’t do anything but mask the pain for 2+ hours. Suicide is not cowardly, but i beg you please don’t, everyone you love will feel like you do, and if you love them, would you want them to feel the way you do, after the decision you’ve made. If you don’t have loved ones, think of other people you have impacted in your life and you may not even know it, maybe someone you smiled to a time ago,maybe someone from your past, you have at least impacted one persons life. I know you don’t deserve to feel this pain, no one does. I promise it always helps to talk about it, and you don’t even need to pay. Contact these Hotlines. Research Depression. Do not put yourself or anyone else in danger. Self Help doesn’t work for everyone, that’s okay. Try to go to a doctor, probably get anti depressants if they may help you, but remember a lot of drugs of any sort are addicting.

You are so loved, and needed, you have family, and friends.

No one says I love and need you as much as they should.

So I’m saying it for them,

No one can take your place.

I love you all so much.

Don’t let this monster take over your life,



  1. Loss of loved one
  2. Fired
  3. Break up
  4. Bullying
  5. Weather
  6. Sleep habits
  7. Abuse
  8. Stress


  1. Fatigue
  2. Loss interests
  3. Appetite/Weight Changes
  4. Sleep Changes
  5. Increase Tiredness
  6. Trouble concentrating
  7. Isolation
  8. Thoughts of Suicide

Tips That Help Me

  1. Excersice
  2. Talk to anyone
  3. Find Interest
  4. Read Books
  5. Drink Tea
  6. Music
  7. Activity Books (example:Wreck This Journal)


  1. Samaritans 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (212) 673-3000
  2. Homeless/Runaway National Runaway Hotline 800-231-6946
  3. Healing Woman Foundation (Abuse) 1-800-477-4111
  4. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK


  1. http://www.alternativedepressiontherapy.com/free-hotlines.html
  2. http://twloha.com/find-help
  3. http://www.adaa.org/about-adaa/press-room/facts-statistics
  4. http://psychologytoday.tests.psychtests.com/take_test.php?idRegTest=1308
  5. http://www.depressedtest.com/

P.S. This all may seem very cliche but it seems like almost everyone deals with depression at one point in their life, and you may be dealing with it as well.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know too much about health, please don’t rely on this post as your main knowledge.

If you know anyone dealing with depression, please help them, even just the simplest act of kindness can help anyone!

Sincerely Yours Jolee G.


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