Your Enchanted Forest.

The Enchanted Forest is referred in a number of books, fairy tales, stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Beauty & The Beast etc. Where characters get lost, where they see and find interesting things they cant just let go of, cant look away and  be unseen. To me, my thoughts of The Enchanted Forest is everything and anything, filled with magic, filled with all our happiness’s, small and big happiness’s, all the the things we get lost in and don’t realize it till hours later when we have responsibilities. We all have different Forests depending of which you are fond of, which you would get lost. Also with nothing at all stress related, nothing to bring you sadness. No violence of course. Yours could have as many things, people, anything. The list is endless. My Enchanted Forest is filled with my family, friends, movies, Netflix, Chocolate, The Civil Wars (Music), More Music, Baking, Books, and Cats with self cleaning cat liters.

In my poem *Pain Killers. I mentioned The Enchanted Forest.


“This kind of pain that feels like you are falling,

Deeper and deeper into an endless hole in

The Enchanted Forest where no one can find you.”


With any Mental Illnesses especially Depression. Seems like we are falling in a hole of our Enchanted Forest. Out of our magic and happiness’s. Out of the things that make life worth living. That’s when we are falling deeper and deeper, you feel so helpless, and hopeless. I think of the hole in which Alice fell in, but this is a black hole, feeling endless, and our happiness’s are getting farther from our reach.

I hate to break it to you but we all fall through that hole in our enchanted forests at least once minimum in life, and you’re not the only one, as much as i want to say life is great and amazing all the time. Its not, Its life. Its the heartbreaking truth. it really does break your heart, many times especially, when you least expect.

I believe If you are at all feeling too close to the edge of your black hole, spend at least 30 min to 2 hour a day or every couple of days in your forest till you feel furthur from your sneaky moving hole. To me if you dont the hole will seem to get bigger like a black hole and it will feel like you are losing an endless battle! I understand there are unexpected everything as if your car breaks down, you lose money, anything, that’s as if the hole is moving, and that’s okay! Responsibilities and Priorities are incredibly important, but you still do need to make time for you! Try to go deeper into your forest. it wont be easy, almost nothing in life is, but if you have an outlet, you have to charge on and fight.

I love all animals and pets, if you have any play with them, they need it as much as you do, there are also *studies that pets can help your depression. Sadness doesn’t last forever, like it may seem. the worst you can do is sit down and do absolutely nothing, for me that makes it worse. its sad to say but i try to ignore any part of my sadness and keep busy, and it does help, i cant just sit down and watch tv and do absolutely nothing. And at some point if you spend to much time in your forest, when you overdue it. You may encounter that hole again, and that’s when you need to get back to your priorities! So get lost in your custom made enchanted forest. Not too lost. You will not lose this battle!

*Pain Killers Poem:

*Pets help with your depression:

Sincerely Yours Jolee G




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