Falling In Love With Fall.

Fall is love, and my all time favorite time of year.

It’s not too cold and not too hot all at the same time, my perfect weather ranging in the 60’s-70’s. It sounds really weird but I love the smell, not really the pumpkin smell (though I do love that), but the smell of brisk weather without your nose feeling like an ice cube. Kind of like how Lorlei Gilmore from Gilmore Girls could smell that snow is coming to Stars Hallow. That’s me.

When you see the leaves of a beautiful oak tree change colors within days, then before Winter comes you walk around outside, and crunch on the softly fallen leaves on the ground.

And then watching slightly scary movies and shows on TV. And the only time I would go to Disney Channel is to watch the HalloweenTown Series, and Hocus Pocus, then watch the classics like The Munsters, and The Adams Family, that make Fall and Halloween even more fun and make me feel slightly more like a kid again.

Getting out all the warm blankets, clothes, and scarfs (for another 6-8 months) out of the back of the closets that were way too hot for the summertime. Enjoying a nice warm hot chocolate, and fuzzy blanket in or outside. Lovely crackling fire outside in a fire pit or a fire inside next to the fireplace.

Who can forget Halloween, when you could dress up as anything for one night, despite your age. Whether you are a kid, you could ask for free candy, from everyone, and it being completely okay. Or if you are a teenager or adult and go to Costume Parties, or go trick or treating with your young siblings or kids, or trick and treating kids at your door. I think my family tried carving pumpkins a number of times, but they didn’t really like it, but later I would love to do it. Silhouettes are my favorite and putting it on a pumpkin sounds so fun.

And Lastly Thanksgiving, You get to stuff your face with your own mountain of food and desserts, of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pies, yum! You’re either watching Football, or Cooking, or even both! Eat with the family, and/or friends sharing stories and journey of the past couple of days. Then you maybe needing to change into something more comfortable. Accidentally falling asleep minutes or hours later, then you might be one who loves sales and marked down prices, so you get to Black Friday Shopping!

Its a beautiful scenery season filled with fun, and childish memories and eating candy and food galore! I think I will always be in love with Fall, despite the fact my birthday is in Spring, or the Christmas season.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Fall?


Sincerely Yours Jolee G


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