Cheerio Marshmallow Treats.

wpid-img_20141104_011020526This is a semi healthy snack for all. I believe this is a healthier alternative because the Cheerios are less absorbent of the marshmallows than the Rice Crispy cereal. And you could actually taste the grains of the cereal when you bite into it. Plus, it is so easy and simple to make.

My family asks me to make this very often so I decided to use as much ingredients as possible at one time, of course you could split this recipe in half. I go to Bj’s (alternative to Costco/Sams Club, so I don’t know how many cups are in a regular box of cereal.)

7 Cups Regular Cheerios (210g)

Bag of Mini Marshmallows (6 Cups) (284g)

3 Tbsp Butter

Time: 10 minutes

I like to do this on the stove, because I can do it with my wok pan. But many people like to do it in the microwave. So If you do use the microwave alternative, Melt the butter completely, add the Marshmallows, Stir 15 second intervals in the microwave until completely smooth. Also make sure you use a large bowl to stir in the cereal, like I said earlier, the Cheerios are a lot less absorbent, and the size wont change when you add it to the marshmallows, like the Rice Crispy’s do.

(I like to keep the treats from sticking to the pan with cooking spray and then slightly wiping it down with a paper towel, making sure there is still at least a very thin layer of the oil. I did it with out wiping it down, and the bottom if the treats were a bit wet and soggy. I also used butter, and the butter stuck to the treats, so I was eating raw butter with the treats.)

Stove-Top Steps

1. Melt butter completely.


2. Add marshmallows to the melted butter.


3. Stir mixture till completely smooth.

imageimage(This is the consistency you want)

4. Add all Cheerios, Fold till completely covered


5. Spread onto pan, press down with hands or spatula if needed.


Have fun with it, you could add fun things like sprinkles, melted chocolate, chocolate chips etc. on the top or incorporate it into mixture before you pour it onto the pan. I kept mine half simple and the other half, I drizzled bit of the marshmallow/butter mixture, and sprinkles.


I got this recipe from:

I hope you enjoy. If you make this treat let me know, and send me a picture in the comments.

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Sincerely Yours Jolee G



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