Audrey Hepburn.

One of my role models is Audrey Hepburn. Though she passed away more than 20 years ago, before I was even born, I have enjoyed her acting and admired her humanitarian work. Many people prefer Marilyn Monroe, and I adore her as well, and what she stood for with body weight and sex appeal & I do wish Body weight and image wasn’t pushed aside so much today. But I definitely think I’m much more like Audrey Hepburn, even before I knew who she was. I think I loved Audrey Hepburn ever since I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s a couple of years ago, I loved Holly Golightly, and her simple and beautiful brownstone apartment with her nameless cat, and gorgeous new neighbor.


Audrey Hepburn was Introverted, liked being alone especially in nature, loved kids, caring for others and animals, she didn’t gloat about herself, she didn’t even think she was worth all the talk (based on what her son, Luca Dotti said to Vanity Fair)*

Audrey Hepburn was much more than a pretty face, There were many things people didn’t realize about her

  • Her dad was a Nazi Sympathizer, and her and her mom were part Jewish
  • One of her first roles was Gigi on Broadway
  • They didn’t use her real singing in My Fair Lady
  • Truman Capote author of the book Breakfast At Tiffany’s wanted Marilyn Monroe to be Holly Golightly
  • Fluent in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian.

It makes me slightly sad and surprised, so many people pushed her aside, she was told multiple times she wasn’t enough, hiding for her life during WWII, too tall to be a Prima Ballerina, not being able to sing in her movie, and even when important authorities believed she didn’t deserve her roles, even Humprey Bogart her co star in Sabrina believed she wasn’t good enough, she was even put on a diet!*

I believe everything happen for a reason, and every single person in the world has hardships of their lives. Ms. Hepburn worked with all them she didn’t let her hardships affect her job and what she accomplished in the end, and she still ended her life still caring for others, for kids who were suffering, even risking her health as a UNICEF Ambassador, later passing away of cancer.

She suffered with Depression, issues with her self worth, Anorexia, miscarriages, and multiple divorces. I just wish people still didn’t think of her alongside with her small roles, when she did much more. I’m definitely not saying cheating is okay, its terrible, but the only bad thing I’ve learned about her was her infidelity with costars, and JFK when he was a senator, supposedly were small all affairs, (though I’m still not condoling cheating.) I love her because she was classy, simple, kind, strong, introverted, and beautiful. She worked incredibly hard. She is my role model.

(The Dark Side article below didn’t hinder my thoughts of Audrey, it made me love her more. Everyone has flaws, the flaws that make us who we are, the same ones that make us stronger.)
Audrey Hepburn’s Son: My Mother Never Thought She Was Beautiful:

The Dark Side of Audrey Hepburn:


I may have not changed your views on Audrey Hepburn and that’s okay, I just wanted to share why I love and admire her so much.

Who is your role model and why?

Sincerely Yours Jolee G.


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