Rest In Peace Eric Garner.

It broke my heart and I cried watching the footage of Eric Garner. That then I knew I had to write about it. Write what I want, to at least be heard even in the slightest.

If you haven’t seen the footage yet (I’m not putting it upon my blog, because its disgusting and sad) Please stop and look it up, Eric Garner Footage easily found on YouTube, but seems like you can find it anywhere now. I promise this is going to make more sense after you’ve seen it.

This is a completely different story than the Trayvon Martin and the Michael Brown case. Michael Brown shouldn’t have stolen, definitely shouldn’t have assaulted an officer but he still shouldn’t have gotten shot multiple times to die, he could have at least got shot in the foot or arm.

But this case actually had true hard evidence, it couldn’t have been a he said she said juggle.
I don’t really understand how the officer didn’t get indited. The whole evidence was right there. No one can defend the officer, can’t say he didn’t do it, cant even say he didn’t know when to release, I mean how can you.

Why were they trying to settle him down, all he was doing was talking and defending himself from the harassment he has been facing with officers for his past, which you can see. You can see he wasn’t reaching for any thing in his pockets, so why did they exactly want to cuff him, and why were there a handful of officers wrestling him to the ground? (yes he was a large man but he didn’t fight back [I don’t remember if he resisted, I can’t bare to watch it again. but if he did, it’s understandable, he didn’t even know why he was getting bombarded]). All the officer, who held him in the choke hold could do was give his condolences, and apologize. Mr. Gardner had a wife and kids, If you know the pain of losing a loved one like I do, you know nothing completely helps that kind of hurt, and pain.

Later found Mr. Garner had nothing on him, no drugs, he wasn’t intoxicated.
That video absolutely broke my heart, he pleaded multiple times he couldn’t breath! He wasn’t even assaulting the officers. They said Mr. Garner didn’t die on the spot but it doesn’t matter, he still did die. That officer should have known better and let go, and I doubt he’s even going to get punished in the slightest. Also try to settle in your head, that the only one who got into trouble was the man shooting with the camera, not the officer who was the cause an innocent, unarmed mans death.

It disappoints me, I’ve had many family members and 15+ peers with whom I graduated with and there are thousands of other more veterans and soldiers now and even before who have fought for the United States safety and to help us, and protect our well being. And we are all fighting each other. Americans fighting and killing Americans. For what?

I am so immensely proud of our soldiers, my family and classmates, its unbelievable that other people who destroy and hurt our country more are the ones within it, who claim to be proud where they are, when they are hurting it more.

How do explain to your child or family that the their loved one died, because of an officer or anyone really? And all that was said was sorry. That, that person who was the reason for death is not at the least of legal troubles.

 Even though sometimes the things happening here make me sad. I’m still so proud where I live. The land of opportunity and freedom.

Not all police officers are bad. Not all black people are bad. Not all who wear turbans are bad. I believe in that, and I wish so many more people did too. I still believe the good of people.

 Rest In Peace Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Caylee Anthony, and the thousands of deaths of those who were innocent, and unarmed which didn’t make National or Worldwide coverage.

Sincerely Yours Jolee G.


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