Who is Frankenstein?

I believe Frankenstein was a book of loneliness rather than what many people believed to be as a scary book. If you haven’t read it already, read it, its worth the $5-$10! This post contains a bit of spoilers.

When I was in school, reading and learning about Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, my teacher also introduced this book’s main theme as loneliness.

I don’t believe anyone could fully and completely relate to this book, but I think almost everyone can relate a bit in some way.  We have all felt loneliness in some point of our life, whether you were lost as a freshman or new kid in school, whether you were in a full room, place, city filled with so many people around and yet you still felt alone. Even for me, an introvert. I love being alone. I always believe everyone should have alone time, even if you are married and/or have kids. I do get many many opportunities to be alone and I really enjoy it. But it still does get lonely at some points.

All the Creature wanted was to love and be loved back (like everyone else in the world).

He was born, and abandoned minutes later, then later roaming the towns. He was just merely a baby just in many dead peoples bodies. Yes, it was as gory as it seems. Victor Frankenstein was the monster. He collected dead body parts, from graves, hospitals, morgues. All for satisfaction, for the appraise he would get from others, being written as the first. The Creature (what I was taught to call him) never got and felt love, the way everyone should be loved, by a parent, friendships, partners.

The Creature was huge, masculine, had scars all over his body, and yellowish. No one loved him or even gave him a single chance simply because he was ‘ugly’ and ‘scary’. Though he saved an unattended little girl from drowning, then he was shot at from her father. The Creature couldn’t even be loved by an elderly blind man, and his children. Once the kids saw the Creature with their father. The kids forcefully pushed him out, and they all ran from their own home the next day.

I think ‘Hollywood’ over did it a bit, The Creature was not Frankenstein, Frankenstein was the scientist who created the monster. The Creature also didn’t have green skin, nor bolts in his neck. Also the only person to have created actual life from the deceased was Victor Frankenstein and though The Creature wanted a wife, and Victor promised to, he actually never fully created and gave life to her. So Bride of Frankenstein wasn’t really from the original book.

Throughout the classic books I have had to read through high school, I think Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is my favorite classic. Through Beowulf, Romeo and Juliet, Julieas Ceaser, and many more. I actually did fall in love with this book.

Yes he definitely should not have killed the loved ones of his own father and creator, Mr. Victor Frankenstein. There is absolutely no reason he should have killed them, there was a safer alternative to getting Victor’s attention.

But I also did learn a lot. Literally don’t judge a book by its cover, whether a real book, or a person by their looks (I didn’t expect that to rhyme). I actually didn’t think I would care for Frankenstein as much as I did, I thought it was going to be another school, had to be read book.

If you haven’t read it. I hope you do at some point. I don’t think I spoiled much.


Have you read Frankenstein. Did you care for it or did you brush off because school?

What is your favorite classic book?

Leave it in the comments, I would actually love to know.

Sincerely Yours Jolee G


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