Many people wear some sort of mask, whether it be a real or figurative.

Masks to sometimes hide what we are feeling, ignoring all the important ones we don’t want to think about at all. With smiles, that aren’t sincere. Or laughter that hides our pain. We do encounter these kind of masks once in a while.

Hiding feelings from the ones we love, and most importantly ourselves. 5 extra minutes in the bathroom, a bit alone time at lunch. I believe everyone needs alone time at some point in a week to take time by ourselves to understand and cope with whatever is happening in life right now. Learning its okay not to be okay. Just don’t try to hide it from yourself, or you’ll just keep hurting yourself more and more.

Also the masks that hide our “flaws”. Make up, with clothes 3 times our size, even with our lives with people. Hiding our weight issues, acne and scars, and wrinkles, even our non psychical “flaws”. Who are we hiding our so called flaws from, people on the street who we are never gonna see again, people we see daily, someone your dating, even those you love? Eventually you will have to show those flaws by running late, not having time, moving in with your spouse or even some other way accidentally. You can hide them a long time, but sometimes that long time may be too long.

I try not to wear too much of a large mask of my own, though I do have acne and weight issues. I wear make up, lipstick, mascara and eyeliner but I also don’t wear concealer nor foundation, and I also don’t wear over sized clothes neither do I definitely not wear tight clothes either. I’m happy with it. I try and find a happy medium.

I am only 20 years old and I’ve encountered tons of masks myself, Whether I was actually wearing one or not. I’ve hidden so much pain and feelings within myself from myself then having a mental breakdown. Recently I have been a lot better with that.

Whether you wear a mask or not. We sometimes hide something from ourselves. We forget what we deserve, and what we need. Maybe its with a relationship or within ourselves. Know what you want, and need. You deserve it to yourself. You can’t wear your mask forever. Take care of yourself.


Sincerely Yours, Jolee G.


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