Are You Going To Have A Good Or Bad Day?


Every morning you wake up (which is a blessing within itself), you wake up deciding whether your day will be a good or bad one.

The moment you wake up, you think about everything you have on your plate that day. For instance, when you have work, and a lot of errands, you already have in your mind you will have a bad day.

Because you thought that, you already have a sense of belief that you will have a bad day so you accidentally spill your coffee on yourself because your angst, so of course you change, then you get even more late for work being stuck in rush hour, then of course someone had to “accidentally” eat your lunch, all these factors have been already been planned out because of you.

Or even if you start with a good morning, but you are in a bad mood because you still have so much to do, you may even have a good time running those errands, you may run into a really cute guy, or someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You have been in such a bad mood, when you think about it, it was really for no reason.

Every single day you wake up, it’s amazing! (even if you don’t realize it) You have a number of choices every hour even every minute of everyday, so many different ways to start and end your day. The very first choice you make is not whether or not to have coffee, tea, or an energy drink. Your very first choice in the morning is deciding whether you will have a good or bad day.

I believe in energies, what you send in and what you send out definitely has effects on the universe and your life. Kind of like karma in some sense. Do good. Think good. Be good, you will have good. That’s kind of my belief system.

Every time I think of this, I think of “The good die young” and it is very true and nice in some sense. When we think of this we think of sadness and terrible feelings but those are our feelings, that is because we lost them, they left to such a beautiful place, place with no harm, no sufferings. The ones who have gone aren’t even close to sadness. The good die young because they were so good, they deserved to go to a far better place then the human world.

As I said earlier waking up every single day is a blessing. (though Heaven is a far beautiful place then here, being here is still a blessing.) Even when I’m not feeling and doing my best. I thank God for waking me up and starting me up with a brand new day. We have other blessing, waking up in a warm bed, food to eat. You have so many blessings, you don’t even know it or think about it.

In my mind its sort of crazy to believe while many places in the world are getting advanced in technology, there are still so many other places where people are living with no technology at all, nothing even close to it, literally living in dirt in third world countries.

I didn’t mean this to become spiritual and emotional, but it’s okay and I’m glad it did!

Be thinking of the good even within the bad.

So, Will you be having a good or a bad day?

Sincerely Yours, Jolee G.


To Do, Activity Books.

I have these books that are to do styled. These are where you get down, dirty, and very creative. And I think everyone should at least have one of these books.

Just to get lost in a book, in the different conventional way, A book with no characters, no plot. These books you get to finish yourself, anyway you like. It really helped me literally get outside and out of my terrible mood. Just step away from life for a page or 2. These books easily take a couple of minutes and even fit right into your day. As I said these are my books, some of them are in the process or not done at all. I got the first 3 books in a box set called Wreck This Box from Amazon

Links for all books will be under the descriptions


1. Wreck This Journal (original) by Keri Smithwpid-img_20150309_041248.jpg

This book is probably the most popular, and what many people know of. And for a good reason, it is very fun and you can get a bit messy. This book also fits in with your daily life easily, whether you bring it in the shower with you or walk around outside with it. Keri Smith has created a couple of more things building off this original book. For instance, adding more pages in a couple of other editions, a travel size for on the go (Wreck This Journal Everywhere) even an app called Wreck This App (available on Google Play and the App Store for $4.99)

1. So far I think this has been one of my favorite pages to do. I crumpled up pieces of paper into a ball dipped it in paint. And threw. It was really fun even though maybe I did it with my eyes closed, and it really made me feel like a kid again! 2. While I was in class, I asked my friend, Jacquelyn to help me with this page, like it says to do. She had so much fun and she wanted a book of her own.



2. Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes by Keri Smithwpid-img_20150309_041121.jpg

Just like the title says its a Mess. This is the type of book you can’t do in a perfect white room, but rather in the dirt outside. This is the book where you shouldn’t think about too hard, you shouldn’t to make it into a piece of art because that’s not the whole idea. This is supposed to take you out of the whole idea of being perfect and sticking to certain ‘life rules’

A section of the back of this book says.

“Three rules to keep in mind:

  1. Do not try to make something beautiful.
  2. Do not think too much. ( There is no “wrong”)
  3. Continue under all circumstances.”



3. This Is Not A Book by Keri Smithwpid-img_20150309_041047.jpg

Every activity in this “book” starts with This Is A. Unlike the last 2 books above from Keri, this tells you more what to do, and gives you some sort of instructions, and it’s a bit more of an activity book. Every page has art in it to build off of, cut out, throw out…


4. The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley & …wpid-img_20150309_041148.jpg
It’s ironic, I got this book to help me get started on art and life’s work of things, and I haven’t even started this book. This book has a bit more of a simplistic design which I really love, there isn’t really any pictures added into this. Just written instructions and a couple of lines and boxes to guide you. The concept is beautiful, it focuses on your dreams and making art and features wonderful quotes.




These are a handful of other books similar to the ones above. That I would also like to try.

  • The Pointless Book  Started by Alfie Deyes, Finished by you
  • Let’s Make Some Great Art by Marion Deuchars
  • Everything That Can Happen In A Day by David Horvitz

P.s. Check more from Keri Smith 

I hope I persuaded you to pick up one of these books. Sometimes you need to step out of life for at least a couple of minutes just to have fun and laugh with what the book tells you to do. These books are actually great for all ages. That is probably the main reason these authors created them, for adults to have fun like the little kids do, and like we all used to when we were younger.

All of these book can be found on Amazon. Don’t give in for the cheaper, used ones. Create your very own. Every book is very affordable and worth the $7-$13 So why not get it, Make memories of finishing a one of a kind book.

These books have taught me a simple message. Life should be fun, not always sticking to the same exact schedules every single day. I love structures, morals, and schedules but we aren’t robots. Have Fun!

Sincerely Yours, Jolee G.

The Man In The Arena, & Teddy Roosevelt.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

– From Theodore Roosevelt’s speech, “Citizenship In A Republic” in Paris, April 23, 1910


I discovered this a couple of years ago at a convention when Brene Brown came up and explained this quote, and elaborated on her book Daring Greatly, with fears and all. It was very inspiring. It’s okay if you fail and fail again just as long as you dared greatly, as long as you tried your hardest, as long as you tried with your heart and all. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose it matters how much effort you put into it. It matters that you tried at all.

We all fail, its not fair but it happens for a good reason. Maybe its because we didn’t want it enough or we didn’t give it our whole heart like it deserved or it just plainly wasn’t time. I maybe cliche (and that’s okay) but I believe everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad.

Another key point was that It doesn’t matter at all what anyone else has come, said, or judged you. They are not in your place, they have not fought your fight.

When I was younger so many people told me if you keep thinking bad things, bad things will happen. Of course I didn’t understand it then, I didn’t understand how the universe can do that. How could the universe and the future be reading my mind. I was actually kind of scared to be thinking bad thoughts when I was younger. But I have grown to believe that saying to be true. That is why today I try my hardest to bring positivity to the world, bring happiness and love to everyone who needs it and even to those who don’t. Why would I try to bring more sadness to peoples lives. That is what I’m trying to with this blog. That is the main reason I wanted to start this. A long while ago I was living with a lot negativity and sadness in my heart and its not good for anyone. I have grown from it, but I still know I need some growing up to do.

My favorite part of this “quote” is the last couple of lines

“if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

Because even till this day it still helps me. Exactly like it says I would rather fail, or choose to at least try and do something no one else wants to do than be with those who have done anything, who don’t know what winning or losing feels like. It motivates and pushes me to do more, do something completely out of my comfort zone.

As many times United States 26th president, Teddy Roosevelt has dealt with losing his wife and his mom in the same house and day, the day his first child was born. He was happy, and he was a great president. I admire him for that. He wasn’t perfect, no president has been (well no one is perfect) He was a Rough Rider and the only president to have a Medal of Honor. Many people have John F Kennedy as their favorite president and on their walls, but Theodore Roosevelt is mine!

Who is your favorite president?

Have you ever been proud of your failures, knowing you tried your hardest?

Do something with your whole heart. It’s okay if you fail, just as long as you really tried. Please don’t regret your failure especially when you tried your hardest (It just wasn’t the right time.) It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. Do what you need to do!

Sincerely yours, Jolee G.