Are You Going To Have A Good Or Bad Day?


Every morning you wake up (which is a blessing within itself), you wake up deciding whether your day will be a good or bad one.

The moment you wake up, you think about everything you have on your plate that day. For instance, when you have work, and a lot of errands, you already have in your mind you will have a bad day.

Because you thought that, you already have a sense of belief that you will have a bad day so you accidentally spill your coffee on yourself because your angst, so of course you change, then you get even more late for work being stuck in rush hour, then of course someone had to “accidentally” eat your lunch, all these factors have been already been planned out because of you.

Or even if you start with a good morning, but you are in a bad mood because you still have so much to do, you may even have a good time running those errands, you may run into a really cute guy, or someone you haven’t seen in a long time. You have been in such a bad mood, when you think about it, it was really for no reason.

Every single day you wake up, it’s amazing! (even if you don’t realize it) You have a number of choices every hour even every minute of everyday, so many different ways to start and end your day. The very first choice you make is not whether or not to have coffee, tea, or an energy drink. Your very first choice in the morning is deciding whether you will have a good or bad day.

I believe in energies, what you send in and what you send out definitely has effects on the universe and your life. Kind of like karma in some sense. Do good. Think good. Be good, you will have good. That’s kind of my belief system.

Every time I think of this, I think of “The good die young” and it is very true and nice in some sense. When we think of this we think of sadness and terrible feelings but those are our feelings, that is because we lost them, they left to such a beautiful place, place with no harm, no sufferings. The ones who have gone aren’t even close to sadness. The good die young because they were so good, they deserved to go to a far better place then the human world.

As I said earlier waking up every single day is a blessing. (though Heaven is a far beautiful place then here, being here is still a blessing.) Even when I’m not feeling and doing my best. I thank God for waking me up and starting me up with a brand new day. We have other blessing, waking up in a warm bed, food to eat. You have so many blessings, you don’t even know it or think about it.

In my mind its sort of crazy to believe while many places in the world are getting advanced in technology, there are still so many other places where people are living with no technology at all, nothing even close to it, literally living in dirt in third world countries.

I didn’t mean this to become spiritual and emotional, but it’s okay and I’m glad it did!

Be thinking of the good even within the bad.

So, Will you be having a good or a bad day?

Sincerely Yours, Jolee G.


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