Do You Need Advice?

I’ve always loved giving my friends and family advice. It makes me feel good! Even if they don’t always take it. I’ve also always loved helping people, with either my hands, money, etc, that’s mainly why I created this blog in the first place. So I guess this is a new way to help people, one on one.

So if you want to ask me anything. You are welcome here! Maybe you want a biased opinion? This is free, I’m not a professional, psychic, or anything really. Please don’t be too vague and don’t give me a one sentence question. I just like giving my opinions to those who want and need it.

When I answer you, I will be putting up your question and your first name for privacy (but if you would like I will put it out as anonymous.) on this blog. I will answer you back no later than a week or two of when you send it to me. I will also send you back an email when I put your answers on here.

Send me your questions through email, at

Sincerely yours, Jolee G.


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