Bookshelf Decor

I think everyone who knows me can easily say I have a lot of.. stuff. And its very true. I barely even have anymore room on my walls. Books and creating things is big part of my life and I love it, and I feel like my bookshelf shows both of those sides equally.


I bought this mini canvas and easel at Walmart with my niece, she painted on hers but I think I’m going to leave mine alone, and this 6″ wooden model from Barnes and Noble. I took art (for the first time) my senior year of high school, and fell in love with art especially still life.


Any Harry Potter fans out there? I think you can tell already, I made this. But it was actually pretty fun to make.


This is my recent addition to the bookshelf (and also my favorite). I was inspired by Emma Chapman’s (from abeautifulmess) version,

 I didn’t exactly have space, or the same supplies, but I loved the idea, so I figured why not recreate it (in some way)









(left) My bookshelf is right next to my bed, so it acts as a bedside table so I keep things there when I don’t exactly want to walk across the room & This wasn’t on purpose but these stacked mugs remind me of Mr. Mad Hatter.(right) My Looney Tunes frame with a picture of my family (which I blacked out) I’ve had as long as I can remember. And lastly, I filled an old vase with shells I collected from a beach vacation I took with my sisters.

I’ve loved adding things up there, making it a little more personal even if its a little messy. As you can see from my books I’ve run out of shelf space for them as well.

Do you fill your bookshelves with things other than books?

Sincerely Yours, Jolee G.


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