Up Inspired Light House

A couple of days before I started this IMG_20141123_042735860project. I was on Pintrest, doing as one does. I had an extra set of string lights, and I wanted use them. Scrolling on Pintrest I saw a picture, it was around 15 of little crafted houses, with lights inside. It inspired me to make this. I also had a couple of boxes and balloons (Considering I’ve made about 5 things with cardboard. I guess its my medium.)

If you see this you’d probably think I was absolutely obsessed with this movie. Though I did really love the movie with everyone else whose watched it. I laughed, cried (a lot). I also read about the real story of Edith Macefield who the movie was inspired by. But I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed. I think my thought process to make it into this specific house was the story/movie/house was beautiful and iconic, and I really love Disney and Pixar so why not?

This was the first time I made something this big and precise, so its not that wpid-img_20150324_022545860.jpggreat, it was supposed to be a prototype and something to create quickly. I made it within a day and a half so its not amazing. So I do want to make another one, A better, more accurate one. I put the chimney in the wrong place, forgot the hose, and didn’t complete the ‘wood’ on the porch and windows. But every night I look at this and I still love it, its not perfect but its perfect for me. As you can see I used real balloons, obviously with not helium or that would be a catastrophe but I wanted it to be like it was flying, so i used ribbon to suspend it, next time I wont use such a visible color 🙂


I would love to sell this but I can’t because copyright (I love copyright because the protection is amazing but copyright is a weird thing for bloggers and artists. That’s why I don’t really use pictures here unless its my own.) but maybe I could sell this with the same concept instead, readers and friends houses?

Sincerely, Jolee G.




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