About me.


 21 years old. I am still trying to understand what life is, and what I want to do, I try finding happiness in the smallest of things. I love baking and helping people as much as I can, Poetry makes me incredibly happy and content.

A couple of more things about me is I am…

1. Semi Vegetarian (eat poultry & fish) 2. Lactose Sensitive 3. Humanitarian 4. Indie/Folk Music Lover

 I am very young, of course I don’t know everything there is to know, but I hope you can come on this long journey called life with me. With all the winnings and losings. We all have pit stops, flat tires, and bumps along the road, but you cant stay there forever, you cant let fear take over, and stop you from finding your happiness.

What life is about?

I really don’t know,

I do know that I just want to be happy by the end of it.

& I know you will be happy at the end as well.

Please Contact me if you want to talk, vent:



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