We feel pain.

A kind of pain that doesn’t help with Advil or Tylenol,

But we are still taking it, hoping it helps.

In our minds thinking it eases it

Because it is pain, but deep down we know it won’t help.

Overdose on pain killers that doesn’t kill the pain. (…)



and to help anyone who has feeling down, so email me if you need to, if you don’t want to deal with someone on the phone or in person, I have mild social anxiety but not enough to stop myself for helping anyone who needs it. Please contact me if you need to(…)


Your Enchanted Forest.

The Enchanted Forest is referred in a number of books, fairy tales, stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Beauty & The Beast etc. Where characters get lost, where they see and find interesting things they cant just let go of, cant look away and  be unseen. To me, my thoughts of The Enchanted Forest is everything and anything, filled with magic, filled with all our happiness’s, small and big happiness’s, all the the things we get lost in and don’t realize it till hours later when we have responsibilities. We all have different Forests depending of which you are fond of, which you would get lost. Also with nothing at all stress related, nothing to bring you sadness. No violence of course. Yours could have as many things, people, anything. The list is endless. My Enchanted Forest is filled with my family, friends, movies, Netflix, Chocolate, The Civil Wars (Music), More Music, Baking, Books, and Cats with self cleaning cat liters.


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