Reality Show Rant.

I may be the only one of my generation who doesn’t like reality shows. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Every time I turn on the TV, change the channel, or even look at the TV Guide, there is a numerous amount of reality shows or competitions exploiting peoples privaces, and/or exaggerating their drama. I just really can’t stand reality shows, I guess the people who signed up for the show, signed up for the money and signed up for their drama. It makes good ratings and good publicity, and gives the “stars” their names.

I hate seeing channels I used to enjoy like MTV, WeTV, even the History channel, having shows that don’t really relate to the channels true intent. MusicTelevision? They only play Music in between shows and a couple of hours during the mornings. WeTv, now filled with Bridezilla and other wedding shows. History, is now mostly antique shows, I actually did like the history and documentaries, which I actually learned from.

I really don’t care about other peoples drama, I have mine of my own, thank you, and it seems like the producers overdue the drama within commercials and dramatic breaks in the middle, that later you realize its not even that serious. Every single channel I have has any sort of drama filled useless shows. I mean I’m fine with Food Network or Bravo having competitions, or stories. I guess I just want to be able to watch sitcoms, drama shows, or even music on the TV without seeing commercials of useless shows.

It’s truthfully probably just me, I’m a peace lover, I have a strong dislike for violence and drama of all sort. I mean I do like shows like Desperate Housewives, and Parenthood, and I understand things like that do happen to people, and based on true things but it’s not 100% real and doesn’t exploit real living people. I just don’t personally enjoy seeing real people go through that. Watching people party, seeing families torn apart, watching marriages being destroyed, all the cheating and lying.Yes real people go through those problems but why show it? How do people not want to deal with that for themselves, and how do people enjoy watching that. That later they become famous for it!

So many stars and celebrities are becoming famous for their drama. Without Kardashians show, the Kardashians and the Jenners wouldn’t be famous as they are today, sure the dads were famous before, and Kim’s sex tape. But that show made them. How were they all famous before that? And  Teen Moms and Jersey Shore. Most of those people wouldn’t be famous without their show. All for money. Plus the fact that Kim Kardashian thinks she deserves her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, that is a bit ridiculous

I made this probably useless rant, because I’m sick of people becoming famous for nothing, and seeing more useless shows build up! I’m fine with competition type shows like Project Runway and America’s Got Talent because everyone who gets on those kinds of shows actually have talent.

People who have talent should be on TV, not people with “drama”. Everyone in the world has drama of their own. Please Networks, stop making these shows. I guess people, or even you may enjoy it, maybe it is a show you just want to not think about, and you may even like the drama. I just don’t like any part of it. To me its just people doing dumb things, and getting paid for it.

Sincerely Yours Jolee G




Who’s Behind SincerelyJoleeG

I had a realization from a very important person in my life.

You literally have no idea who I am. It’s completely true. For me having a personal blog, you have to know about me. Though you can go onto my About Me page above, even learn about my anxiety from there but it doesn’t always show through the WordPress Reader. I love and believe in many things. All of which I can’t really think of every of them all for this (even if I could this post would be way too long) But you can also learn even more about me throughout my blog and posts. So here I am, learn about the face and person behind the words.


I have lights hanging in my room (all year long) its beautiful and I love it.

My name is Jolee Guerrero.

I created my blog name based on the signature you would write at the end of a letter (Sincerely) I think of my posts as my letters which are sincere and important to me like I’m personally talking to you, and that I send out to the world. And of course the last part of the name of my blog is my name.

I am (a or an)

  • Semi-Vegetarian (I still eat poultry and fish) Full Vegetarian January
  • Introvert
  • Humanitarian
  • Nocturnal
  • Overweight
  • Not too good with makeup

I love

  • Indie Music
  • The Civil Wars (folk/country/indie duo that split apart a couple of months ago)
  • Pancakes
  • Silhouette’s (art style)
  • Tattoos (myself having 1 in picture above)
  • Learning
  • Baking
  • Drawing/Creating (even though I’m not too great at it)

Though I love technology. The beauty of cell phones, internet, everything still amazes me. But I also do love old/vintage objects, music, songs, movies, books etc. I understand I guess I’m apart of the vintage love generation. But I have loved older things for as long as I can remember, Since I was younger maybe around 5-6 I always loved older songs, actors/celebrities, movies, cars as old as from the 1910’s-1990’s. Its become kind of a thing me and my family to laugh about wondering how I’ve always loved old things, for instance an old classic song would play I would instantly know and sing from hearing it maybe from when I was so much younger, and my family would be completely surprised that I could actually know a song from the 50’s.

I’m also not a huge fan of the modern and sleek look on vehicles, furniture and houses. To me it kind of looks like it doesn’t have character and history. I always get so annoyed when Hollywood or anyone tries to remake a classic, like the many movies/books of the Romeo & Juliet ‘love’. And there is now new movies of Annie and Cinderella coming out. I mean why? We all know what happens from the greatest and original movies and books.

I’m not trying to earn money from my blog, I truthfully created this because I love to write, create things. I want to bring positivity and show people what I believe in, and that it is completely okay not to be okay.

Though I have just started my journey with social media and this blog. This has made me so much happier and really helped me. I plan to bring a bit of everything onto this blog like poetry, DIY’s, recipes, life, reviews, decor, gift ideas etc.

If you want to learn a bit more about me you could check my About Me, at the top of the page and on my Enchanted Forest post I made earlier in November that talks about more things I love and my interpretation of the Enchanted Forest and the sneak of Anxiety and Depression.

About Me:

You Enchanted Forest:

Since you know a good amount about me, I would love to know about you, my readers!

  1. What is your name?
  2. Pancakes or Waffles?
  3. Sweet or Salty?
  4. Which state, city, village, country do you reside in?
  5. What was your dream job when you were younger?


 I have struggles. I have fears. I have made a numerous amount of mistakes. I am human. & So are you!

This blog is a part of my life that is just beginning and I’m not letting go.


Sincerely Yours Jolee G.