Do You Need Advice?

I’ve always loved giving my friends and family advice. It makes me feel good! Even if they don’t always take it. I’ve also always loved helping people, with either my hands, money, etc, that’s mainly why I created this blog in the first place. So I guess this is a new way to help people, one on one.

So if you want to ask me anything. You are welcome here! Maybe you want a biased opinion? This is free, I’m not a professional, psychic, or anything really. Please don’t be too vague and don’t give me a one sentence question. I just like giving my opinions to those who want and need it.

When I answer you, I will be putting up your question and your first name for privacy (but if you would like I will put it out as anonymous.) on this blog. I will answer you back no later than a week or two of when you send it to me. I will also send you back an email when I put your answers on here.

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Sincerely yours, Jolee G.


Homelessness & The Act of Caring.

I would say my big life endless goal is to help people, no matter what form, no matter what age. I even contemplated becoming a psychologist for a bit. The earliest age I can remember actually having urge to change someones life is in my preteens.

One year when I was much younger, I got $50 for my birthday and decided to donate it to the St. Jude Hospital for children. I don’t know who it helped, whether it even did much but I’m still so glad I was able to do something good. There were thousands of sick kids who needed something more than I needed barbie dolls that I probably wouldn’t play with the very next week.

Poverty is never ending, and is different everywhere you go.

I thought this post would be perfect around Thanksgiving time (in America). We are brought together with our families and friends for this day/weekend filled with laughter, full bellies, football, and stories, we give so much thanks for what we do have, we completely forget about the thousands of people who don’t have anything at all such as homes, families, and love, who don’t have places to go for a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner every year.

[A couple of years ago I had the opportunity from my friend to help feed the homeless. I feel bad I wasn’t able to give my helping hands till a couple of weeks ago.

On a Friday my friend picked me up, we went to prep some food. Most of the food was already cooked from my friends family, but it was still many hours till the actual feeding. After we were done with finishing with the food, we of course needed clean up our mess. My friend and I with the rest of the crew went to the place of serving. When we got there were a bunch of people, people who had already lined up, and many others volunteering. When everything was sorted and ready to go, myself with a couple of other people helped pack the food in containers, that was 30 seconds later handed to the person who was about to eat it.

Even though it was so busy I still got to say hello to some people, and smile with my most sincere smile I hadn’t worn in the longest time. I was just in awe of the whole thing. It was all organized, dessert and drink tables, a place to get nice haircuts and clothing and even a bit of entertainment. No one that I saw was disrespectful and rude. Everyone that came whether it was to give or get something seemed thankful in some way. Being there made me grateful that I had a great opportunity to be there and be even more grateful for what I actually had at home. Though not everyone said it, I’m sure we were appreciated, and a handful of people I saw had beautiful smiles on their faces.

My friend said something or another. That many people don’t like physically helping because they don’t think its organized and are intimidated. Truthfully I think I felt that way to before. The night before, I was getting a tiny bit nervous, I had no idea what to expect, I’ve never done anything like it before. But not all homeless and helpless people are bad. Being there, helping, though it was getting a bit dark, me as a 20 year old girl, in downtown. I actually wasn’t frightened I guess it also helped there were lights, many people there, and I was behind a table for some time. We finished and gave to everyone that came.

And at the very end we said a prayer, there was even a kind homeless man that came into the prayer and said great things being so thankful for us, and even thankful for the little that he had. I can truthfully say it was all amazing and it all warmed my heart. And I do plan on going back with my able helping hands.]

I can’t say every place will be the same with the same organization, the same work. Every place, city, organization, church has a different way of doing things. My experience that you just read above was my first ever interacting and feeding people. No work is small work. A job you probably think is very small like giving money or food, really isn’t small, every “small” thing you do is helping someone, and is important to them. Whether you give food to your church or kids school, Those perishable foods go to the nearest families or food bank, which goes to families directly or organizations (that give or cook for people directly)

You could help with your own hands. If you able to surf the web, if you could spend a lazy day doing nothing at all. You could spend 2 hours somewhere local to work and help at least once week or once a month. Again I can’t say every town and city has an organization and church that literally feeds and helps people who need it because poverty is very different everywhere, but you could do something, anything to help someone in need. There are thousands of food banks you could donate to. You could even buy some already made food or give couple of dollars to the next homeless person you see on the streets or downtown. I promise you could help in some way. Nothing is too small.

Make sure you look up the laws in your state or city. Here in Florida and a couple of other states, you can’t really hand out food or money to a homeless person. Many times I’ve seen on the news of people handing out food on the street and they would get arrested. The reason why we didn’t get arrested is because we were at a private property, not on the sidewalk that is fully owned by the government. I don’t really see the point of this law, and I barely understand how it got passed, and it makes me sad how all homeless people are getting punished for nothing.

People have to hide in the shadows of the nights, sometimes behind disgusting garbage, in the cold, especially this time of year. The fact that a simple act of kindness from your own heart could get you arrested is ridiculous. It should be our decision whether or not we want to help someone on the street, not the governments.

My friend asked me, would I still help if I would get arrested and I said probably. Depending on circumstances and for very good reasons, I truthfully would help even if it meant I would be arrested. I don’t think I would do it multiple times but enough to help in the slightest. And I would stand in the cold also.

I believe many things like positivity and kindness, but I especially believe if you give good, good will come back to you. What many people call Karma but I don’t always prefer to say karma because it is almost always associated with bad and negative energy.

I’m glad many of you gave your thanks yesterday (or whenever you celebrate it) though Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only day you give thanks and are grateful for all the many things you have either.

You can say Thank You to the universe another way too. Give a helping hand, give a couple extra dollars, do something, despite you being nervous and scared of the bad in people. If you don’t want to do either, help someone in your life in any way, maybe an acquittance, a friend at work, or neighbor. People that you see everyday seeming fine, may be struggling and fighting their demons. Sometimes seeming fine isn’t good enough.

I would love if this post inspired you to do something, absolutely anything. I understand 100% of you reading this are all busy but I would personally recommend you to do something first hand, not just donating money and clothes to an organization or Goodwill but helping with your hands. Organizations and Goodwill do amazing things but you don’t know where those things you donated is going, who it’s helping, and how it’s helping. I promise there is no greater feeling than helping with your hands, being able to see what you are doing for people, seeing the smiling faces of people that you are helping with your own heart.

There are thousands of people you can help, you don’t know how much an act of kindness could do! You don’t need money to make a total strangers day. It’s never too late to give something back. I promise it’s worth it!

Sincerely Yours Jolee G.

Emptiness & Charles Bukowski.


“no help for that”

“There is a place in the
heart that will
never be filled

a space

and even during the
best moments
the greatest times


we will wait

in that

Charles Bukowski – from ‘You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense’

There is a bit more to this poem and I hope you will be able to find the whole thing, with Copyright I don’t want to jeopardize anything. But I love this one so much. It’s hauntingly beautiful. It speaks to everyone who needs it or even people who don’t realize they need it, because almost anyone can relate. My heart dropped to the floor. It is so sad but very true. I also feel empty most of the time, like there is so much more for me to do or live for. But I will fill that space, I’m still young.

I’m sure its true, we all stay in that space until that place is actually filled. It maybe me and my endless hopeful thinking, I believe we will all fill that space at the end of our long journeys. I still stay in that place, but I know I will fill it, that place I’m so longing to leave.

We all long for happiness, we urge to fill our empty hearts. We search everywhere and everything till we fill it. He said it himself, deep down we are all urging something more, something it seems no one can put words too. Despite the feelings of happy times, we will wait.

I love Charles Bukowski, he had truth and feeling to his poems, which are powerful. He didn’t have to rhyme or make his poems so long that readers lose focus. I’m pretty sure not a lot of people liked his attitude, but he didn’t care, it made his life his own, and made his work understandable. He was an introvert and loved being alone, and it was said to believe he drank so much because he didn’t like crowds or people too much.

With this poem it showed me you really aren’t alone with loneliness, depression, and your need for more. I don’t know when he wrote this poem, whether or not he was famous at the time. If so, he felt this way, he felt empty when he was a famous poet, making money, life with his wife and cats at home. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to feel this way. Just as long as you try to remember you won’t stay there forever.

His life seemed interesting, It seemed he showed all his emotions and life through his work, I’m not sure if they are all true and true to his whole life, but I want to believe it was. The poems I have read showed his writers block, relationship with his wife and other women, and relationships with his family, his sadness and his escape. If you don’t seem to understand poetry or even like it, Try Mr. Charles Bukowski. You may fall in love. It’s not the kind of poetry we had to learn in school.

Mr. Bukowski believed it his empty place in his heart would never be filled, but why not? I wonder if he ever filled it at the end of his life. I wonder if he ever found his happiness. If he ever left that empty space. Despite what he said.

There is another poem, that I can’t seem to forget from him ‘The History Of One Tough Mother****’, it is one of my favorites. It’s about a cat. And As I said in my About Me, I am and forever will be a cat lover. Even if you aren’t a cat person I think you would enjoy this poem. Charles Bukowski doesn’t look like a cat person yet he wrote multiple poems of cats, and he had many cats in his home.


Is it we always want more and more of material things when we are living or just one big forever life changing thing to fill that empty space? Maybe even something no one can really put words to.

Do you believe you will leave and fill that empty space in the end? Have you left yet?

Sincerely Yours, Jolee G